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In April 2020, FastPassCorp announced Identity Verification Client -IVC- as a new module for FastPass Enterprise. The FastPass Enterprise has for many years been highly regarded as the leading Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution in the market, covering all corporate passwords and available for on-premise and cloud.

After 6 months we however see very high interest for identity verification of users and an interest in identity verification as a separate solution area – not just as a byproduct to SSPR. Amongst other news and developments in the market, the hack of Twitter in July showed how easily criminals can get access to internal systems, by phone calling to central service desk employees using vishing, or phone-based hacking.

The Identity Verification Client has from day one been available for stand-alone, but the naming has for some suggested that IVC is just a module for SSPR.

We have now decided to rename IVC to Identity Verification Manager -IVM- to make it clear that IVM is a product and a service in its own right like our SSPR solution is! This is reflected in our website and will soon be in all our documentation too.


To know more about IVM please click here.

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