Has your service desk been attacked for passwords? Only 42% haven’t been attacked!

In a Service Desk Institute (SDI) research it is revealed, that the service desk will often be the entry point for a deceptive attack.

As the SDI report says:

"As to the reality of the risks of unauthorised access to end-user data, Figure 9 shows that 27% of respondents stated that their organisation had identified unauthorised access attempts. Although, this might be just the tip of the iceberg because, ignoring the 32% that responded with either “Don’t know” or “Unable to answer”, how many of the 42% who stated that their organisation hadn’t identified any unauthorised access attempts (in the last 12 months) were either not:

  • Monitoring for unauthorised access attempts
  • Suitably equipped to identify unauthorised access attempts.

The point being that, just because no attempts were identified, it doesn’t mean that none were attempted or even successful."

Get the full report from this page: SDI report

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