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Introducing Identity Verification Manager by FastPass

The service desk holds the keys to the It-security castle. Every day they potentially give them away when persons call for a password reset. This is a rich entry point for a hacker to easily impersonate an end user by calling a service desk. It is a well-known social engineering attack called Vishing (Voice Phishing).

The new FastPass module IVM focuses entirely on the manual process of verifying callers’ true identity. FastPass Identity Verification Manger controls the complete workflow when the service desk agent verifies the caller's identity. You might earlier have heard of FPR (Facilitated Password Reset) – IVM replaces FPR and focuses on identity verification – password reset in the service desk is only one way to use IVM!

Using FastPass IVM for organisations means:

  • Reducing the risk of data breach caused by social engineering = Vishing
  • Creating a secure and compliant identity verification process
  • Relieving your service desk supporters and managers from the liability of potential breach
  • Protecting the users' accounts against these types of attacks.
FastPass Identity Verification Manager is now available for customers as a new module to the FastPass product suite. Combined with FastPass' traditional strenght in self-service of password resets, IVM gives your organisation complete protection and more control of the password processes related to password resets and unlocks.

To learn more about IVM visit our website and download the PDF Comparison between IVM and HelpDesk Client.

Contact FastPassCorp or your FastPass partner to discuss how you can implement FastPass IVM to protect your IT-systems against vishing attacks directed towards your service desk.
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