Reduce the risk of data breach in 2020 with Password Self Service

password self service

At FastPassCorp, we believe that we now sow the seeds for 2020’s success.

Step into 2020 with a clear understanding and plan for how your company can benefit from Self Service Password Reset with our full guide "6 Steps to success with Password Self-Service".

As password calls to service desks in the average count for 20-30% of all calls, self-service of passwords for end-users has become a highly recommended automation project for the service desk. Together with large companies, we have identified clear steps to success as one of our best practices when implementing self-service of passwords.

This guide is an ultimate source of inspiration to help your company achieve up to 90% end-user adoption rate with a set of specific steps and best practices built on years of expertise and engaging over 2 million end-users to the right self service of passwords tool.

To reach 80-90% success or more the solution must support the process involved in the self-service of passwords.

  • Motivation

    Make the solution attractive to end-users by offering support for all corporate password types.

  • Enrollment

    Get 100% of users enrolled through forced enrollment or automatic e-mail invitations.

  • Accessibility

    Users must be able to do self-service the way they prefer to or from the device they are using.

  • Authentication

    To verify user identity use the authentication methods the user is familiar with like SMS, Smartcard and others.

  • Assistance

    Other specific situation still needs assistance from the Service Desk. Create a process to avoid drop out and security breach.

  • Compliance

    Studies have proven that weak passwords or password processes are responsible for most of data breaches. Know the prerequisites of a compliant password reset.

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6 STEPS TO SUCCESS: Password Self Service

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