See the user's process for password reset or un-lock

This video presents how a user's process when he has forgotten a password and does self-service. 


Views: 3313 - Published: 27/08/2014
End user enrollment in FastPass with SMS and questions

Vidoe of end-user enrollment process

  • Verifying a mobile phone number with SMS
  • Selecting standard questions
  • Entry of own question and answer

FastPass Enterprise

Views: 473 - Published: 26/09/2014
FastPass Mobile Client "Monday morning"

Demo of Mobile Client from FastPassCorp

  • How a Windows password problem is easily solved with an iPhone at hand


Views: 1533 - Published: 11/02/2014
Password Manager from FastPasscorp

Demo of Password Manager from FastPasscorp

  • User group
  • Web access
  • Strong autentication
  • Automated enrollment of users
  • Custom security

FastPass Enterprise

Views: 1455 - Published: 11/01/2011
Configuring FastPass for first use

This video shows how to configure FastPass Password Manager for first use.

  • Easy install
  • Automatic enrollment process for users 
  • Service desk process for forgotten passwords
  • Password Expiration


Views: 412 - Published: 29/08/2014