Self-service password management

Self service reset password management

The independent member organization “Service Desk Institute” (SDI) has issued the most comprehensive report on experiences with solutions for password self-service. Implementing self-service password management for end-users might sound simple: Install a WEB-portal and let users authenticate with answers to some standard questions! It might work technically but why does the SDI report document that in 86% or practical examples users convert less than 40% of the password problems to self-service leaving the vast majority to the service desk!

The SDI report shows however that when users don’t use self-service they have their reasons:

  • 38% prefers the service desk
  • 22% has not been enrolled
  • 22% can’t authenticate
  • 9% are on external networks

When you understand the user and adapt the password self-service process you can achieve a reduction of more 80- 90% of the password calls to your service desk.


To see the total SDI report on self-service of passwords and the manual password reset process contact us on and tell us what you want or fill-in the contact information to your right.

The business case for password self-service is pretty straightforward. You get benefits in 3 areas:

  • Reduced workload in the service desk
  • Users get better service and become more productive
  • Risks related to passwords and password resets can be removed

If you want assistance to calculate your total businesscase please contact us or our partners.



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