Password synchronization from Active Directory AD

Password synchronization has some significant implementation advantages:

  • It can be done fast
  • Basically users don’t need to be involved
  • It is robust compared to SSO

 When users only have one password to remember you will see a sharp decline in number of forgotten passwords as well compared to the situation with many different passwords with different password policies.

You may however have these challenges:

  • Password policy must be identical for different passwords
  • User-ids must be identical or be mapped
  • Process in place for asynchronous handling if target system is unavailable

Solutions for password synchronization are in general cheaper than Single Sign On (SSO) solutions, and are more robust to changes in the software configuration of the target systems.

You can reduce complexity in a password synchronization project as you don’t need to change any user process. Just inform them, that they now have the same password for all systems – they just have to change password when Windows ask them to!

FastPass password synchronization is based on an AD interceptor catching all changes to passwords in AD. This creates an transaction to FastPass password synchronization module. FastPass then has a user-map where the user’s user-ids are linked together for the synchronization transaction. FastPass password synchronization reacts very fast, so in general users' passwords are changed in the target systems even before the user logs in to the alternate systems.


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