Enterprise Password Management System – Critical Success Factors

Enterprise password management hasn’t even its own Wikipedia entry! It is however generally understood as processes and systems for end-user passwords. It will often include:

  • Password policy (complexity, duration, history etc)
  • Protection of user-password repository and communication (strong encryption, limited access rights to repository, physical protection a.o)
  • Password reset / unlock process (who can do it?, authentication, monitoring a.o)
  • Where can the passwords be used (domain, external net, smart devices (BYOD), WEB)
  • Strategies for multiple passwords (different passwords, synchronization, SSO, federation a.o)
  • Management and quality processes related to passwords

The decisions made for above questions have immediate and direct consequences for security, end-user satisfaction and cost. Often security requirements will make life more difficult for users and increase the support cost from the service desk. Enterprise Password Management self-service solutions can improve end-user service, improve total security and give a substantial saving. This is why password  self-service offerings often are considered to be Enterprise password management solutions.

To justify the name: Enterprise password management solutions must offer more than just a password self service portal.

When we talk to enterprises we often see the need for different processes and requirements for different user-groups, this might be caused be the working conditions, how critical their systems are, and perhaps even cultural differences between different countries. This means that your implementation must allow for many different variations.

There is no simple formula for enterprise password management systems; each enterprise must make their own considerations and decisions. We hope you can find inspiration in the other topics from the tiles on this page. You are welcome to contact us to discuss the challenges you see in your enterprise’s situation.

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