Self service password reset business benefits

Business case for password self-service for enterprises

Calculating a business case for password self-service is in theory simple! For the real world it is however a bit complicated. The potential self service password reset business benefits are derived from:

  • Reduced workload in service desks taking password calls from users
  • Increased user productivity (24 hours service 7 days a week and no queue)
  • Improved IT security and compliance

To get a good idea of the potential value, then consider the fact that around 30% of all calls to service desks are related to password problems. The number is identical from different studies from consulting groups and even HDI (HelpDeskInstitute) agrees on the magnitude. A questionnaire for LinkedIn ITSM-groups we made confirmed the numbers. The cost of just this activity can practically always justify the business case.

The cost should be easy to predict too:

  • Cost for software or Cloud service
  • Internal operation including IT equipment
  • Implementation cost

The challenge is in the word: “Potential” for the benefits!! Experiences show that it is difficult to change users' behavior. This is true in general and it is true for password self-service.  The most critical parameter in the calculation of the business case is end-user self-service success percentage. We have seen many examples of less than 30% success, and then the whole business case falls. Focus must be on achieving success rates of more than 90% - then all projects become profitable!!

Please contact us if you want a guide or assistance for calculating the business case.

For more inspiration on reaching more than 90% success see Password reset process

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