SQL Password Reset Tool

SQL passwords - direct password reset and password synchronization

How do you help SQL users handle the problem of forgotten and locked passwords? Users with smart mobile devices need to log-in 24 hours 7 days a week. They do not expect a full-time manned service desk - they expect self-service!! FastPass offers the ease-of-use and functional richness to support all different requirements from compliance to productivity views.

Many users want to have the same password across SQL and Windows / AD. Then FastPass offers a synchronization SQL Password Reset solution, easy to install. A Windows password change will automatically be synchronized to all the user’s SQL systems. The FastPass synchronization solution is very robust for software upgrades to SQL and Windows server environment. 

You might however require or need to have different passwords for different systems! Then users need to make a SQL password reset selectively for the critical SQL systems. They can do this at the FastPass portal where they also reset the Windows password.

You can configure your SQL environment to have different strategies for different SQL systems with FastPass.


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