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The requirements from Managed Service Providers (MSP) are at the same time identical to large companies' requirements but are also unique and different!

The MSPs need to offer the same degree of functionality and flexibility as a large company requires for password self-service. Indeed the MSP needs an additional layer of flexibility, as the future requirements from new customers are unpredictable. This calls for solutions where each customer can be configured completely individually.

With FastPass MSP password management, each customer can be configured completely individual. The features and functionality per client is identical to FastPass Enterprise version.

You can request our document “Managed Service Provider (MSP) requirements for self-service of passwords” below. The uniqueness of FastPass MSP password management is however the multi-tenant design, which is the fundamental base from day one. It means substantial savings for MSPs when you only have one system to maintain and operate.

Financially MSPs often focus on the cost saving elements in self-service passwords. Although it is an important part, then the increased revenue and strategic value from winning new customers might even be more important. To see the total potential economic value please request our document “The case for self-service passwords for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)” below.

All large MSPs have individual requirements. This includes in particular how customer pricing is done. We work with different business models to engage in a true partnership with MSPs. Call us and let us together find the best cooperation model for password self-service for your customers!

You can however only select a secure and certified WEB-solution no matter what product or service you choose from FastPassCorp. We work to the highest standard for WEB-application security and the product is certified for WEB-application security for PCI/DSS, Owasp, SAN Cyber, please link to WEB-security

Please contact us to find the best MSP password management solution for you!  

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