Password synchronization or password reset for IBM

Do you need to synchronize passwords from Windows /Active Directory  to IBM i (AS400)?

FastPass Flex gives you a solution where you fast and easy can install the synchronization from AD to IBM i. Even when you have more IBM i’s FastPass Flex will synchronize every time passwords hves been changed to all the user’s IBM i systems

With FastPass you can easily extend password synchronization with self-service of passwords for your Windows environment when AD password is forgotten  or is locked.

Pricing for purchase / rental / Cloud is flexible and depends on your specific configuration. You can see more information on FastPass Flex here 


Do you need password self-service directly for IBM i passwords (AS400)?

In many situations you need different passwords for AD and for IBM i. You can have  technical or security reasons and this means you have to give users the choice between self-service of Windows (AD) passwords or IBM i passwords when they come to the password self-service portal. Users can have one IBM i password across all IBM i systems or they can have different passwords for each IBM i system.

With FastPass Enterprise you can easily connect to IBM i and define the processes for end-user enrollment and end-user authentication. You can see more information on FastPass Enterprise here 

With FastPass Enterprise you can do password synchronization too for some systems or users and direct password reset for other systems. This protects your investment no matter what the future will bring regarding your IBM i password resets.

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