FastPass Enterprise password Manager for password reset self-service

Enterprises with many users and complex organizations need flexible and scalable solutions.When it comes to self-service passwords for all users FastPass Enterprise Password Manager is the complete choice. Large enterprises need to offer users:

  • Free choice of authentication
  • Cover all types of passwords (Windows / SAP/ Oracle /IBM i, etc.)
  • Access from all types of devices (BYOD)
  • Single and 2-factor authentication depending on situation
  • Automatic and forced enrollment
  • Password reset for PC-cache for remote users
  • Integration into service desk process
  • Local languages

First of all the requirement is to get a self service success over 90%. Contact us for a closer look at FastPass Enterprise Password Manager for large corporations. 

A typical FastPass conversion rate is between 80-95% of all password related calls, converted from the service desk to self-service transactions.  As illustrated in the customer example above, Varde City Council started a FastPass project in August which resulted in an uptake of more than 80% of all password calls by November, and this covered two different password types (Windows and a mainframe password).

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