Active directory password management

WEB based password manager and self-service

FastPass for Active directory password management lets you start at a very low cost for an advanced and automatic platform for Windows Active Directory passwords. You can later add functionality as your requirements increase. The full functionality will satisfy mid-size and large corporations, and the starter level can be financially justified by even  smaller organizations. The full functionality include:

  • Free choice of authentication
  • Synchronization of all types of passwords (SAP/ Oracle /IBM i, etc.)
  • Access from different types of devices (BYOD)
  • Single and 2-factor authentication on domain and external
  • Mail invitation (automatic) and forced enrollment
  • Reset of PC password cache for remote users
  • Integration of service desk process into the self-service process
  • Local languages

Organizations with thousands of users and complex structure need flexible and scalable solutions.With the cost pressure on IT budgets it’s also important that you only pay for what you really need. You can choose on-premise or Cloud implementation.

First of all your rtarget must be to get a self-service success over 90%. Take a closer look at FastPass WEB based password manager for your needs.   

You can however only select a secure and certified WEB-solution no matter what product or service you choose from FastPassCorp. We work to the highest standard for WEB-application security and the product is certified for WEB-application security for PCI/DSS, Owasp, SAN Cyber, please link to WEB-security

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