NNIT and FastPassCorp cooperate for customer service

The Nordic MSP vendor NNIT has selected FastPass Password Manager to improve customer service for password issues.

NNIT continues to improve the total customer service and end-user experience for its domestic and international customers. As an increasing share of incidents from users arises from password issues, NNIT wants to offer an efficient self-service solution for password handling for its customers.   

NNIT has chosen FastPass based on its versatility, as it is able to fit different customer requirements for end-user functions and technical specifications.

Mads Jakobsen, associate vice president for NNIT, says: “We strive continuously to improve our service. It is important to us to deliver modern and simple solutions helping customers to a more efficient operation. The cooperation with FastPassCorp is yet another step in this direction.”

 FastPassCorp CEO Finn Jensen says, “We are proud of the confidence NNIT has placed in us, and look forward to supporting NNIT with the deployment of self-service of passwords to NNIT’s customers.”

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