New important FastPass release 3.5.1 – you can improve productivity now!

New important release available now:

  • Is it difficult for your users to remember the challenge questions?
  • Are you satisfied with the reduction in calls to the service desk?
  • Do your users want to access all self-services including FastPass from smart mobile devices?
  • Do you need an alternative physical token for some user groups to authenticate password resets?

If you can answer yes to any of above questions then you should upgrade to FastPass 3.5.1 available now!

To understand the new free choice for users take a look at this instructional video now: YOUTUBE. This model will increase self-service to more than 90% of all password reset calls to the service desk!!


The most important new functions are:

  • User decides personally the preferred authentication method (Extended TAG support)
  • Additional challenge question types and privacy
    • User defined questions
    • Uploaded questions
    • Private questions
    • Semi-private questions
  • HTML5 support for all smart devices
  • Apple App to be downloaded from App Store
  • FastPass Code-Card as physical token for authentication
  • E-mail PINs for authentication

Other improvements

In addition to above improvements you will also have a number of less visible improvements:

  • HelpDesk user roles extended
  • User enrollment and verification of mobile phones extended
  • More new languages
  • Improved reports
  • Easier text customization
  • General performance improvements
  • Forced reenrollment after lock-out
  • RACF support
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

For more details please go to the release notes: link