Sykehuspartner in Norway is new FastPass Service Provider customer

FastPassCorp has received an order for approximately 100,000 users from the Norwegian hospital region around Oslo: Health South-East (Helse Sør-Øst). The order was won by the IT consulting firm Manag-E Nordic, which is specialized in HP Software products. The order is signed with Sykehuspartner, which is owned by HealthSouth-East and performs all IT tasks for Health South-East.

Health South-East wants all the employees to fix a forgotten password by self-service, when they have forgotten the current password. Today the situation with a forgotten password means delay for the many employees and extra work in the IT service desk, when the user calls in to solve the task.

Sykehuspartner has completed a public tender by negotiation where FastPass supplied by Manag-E Nordic was selected. Implementation commences immediately and the first 30,000 users are expected to be in production before Christmas. The solution will be implemented as a true Managed Service Provider solution where Sykehuspartner centrally runs the solution for the approximately 10 affiliated hospitals.

FastPassCorp sees the order as a strong confirmation of the strategy to solve password self-service for the largest and most complex customers in the world.