FastPassCorp Reaches out into the Cloud

FastPassCorp announces connectivity for Google Apps from FastPass Enterprise Password Manager.
While many companies are moving their business applications to the Cloud, IT-security managers consider how to maintain the same IT-security policies in the Cloud as in their On-premise solutions. Password policy is one of the issues.
FastPass Enterprise Password Manager now offers two different ways to control the user password for Google accounts.

FastPass can synchronize passwords from Active Directory (AD) to Google accounts. In this way the users will have the same password on Google as they have on AD. With this approach it effectively means, that the password policies specified for AD also governs the password policy for Google.

FastPass also enable users to reset unique Google passwords on their Google account when they forget theoriginal password. In this scenario the built-in FastPass password filter controls and enforces the password policy decided for accessing Google Apps.

With the combination of end-user password self-service with password synchronization FastPass helps organizations to increase productivity for the users, free up time in Service Desk for and at the same time ensure high security standards when companies are moving applications in the Cloud.

About FastPassCorp
FastPassCorp is a global provider of self-service password reset solutions. FastPassCorp is headquartered in the greater Copenhagen area, Denmark. FastPassCorp A/S is listed on First
North, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange [FASTPC].