FastPass’ Strategic Alliance partners are among the world's leading technology Service Providers, Value Added Resellers and Distributors. Our mutual customers benefit from this combination of industry and technology knowledge, along with FastPassCorp’s application and software expertise.



    INFRAVISION is a Service Management consulting, education and technology provider headquartered in the Netherlands with offices across EMEA. InfraVision converts the ITIL theory into ‘best practice’ solutions. Thanks to our elaborate ITIL knowledge combined with our extensive knowledge of Service Management software, we can help you improve the transparency and efficiency of your service organization considerably. This has helped hundreds of companies transform their IT organizations into strategic, business-aligned service providers delivering the highest levels of service and support to their customers while lowering costs.

    In building the Service Management eco-system of the future, self-reliance of the end-user community is key. FastPass definitely helps to drastically reduce the number of unnecessary calls to the service desk, with a secure, intuitive and multi-platform automatic password reset solution, and fits perfectly into the self-reliance strategic roadmap.

  • SMT-X


    Heijedaal 10
    6228 GW Maastricht
    The Netherlands
    +31 8800 27362

    SMT-X Belgium
    Ganzestraat 9
    8020 Oostkamp
    +32 49550 8241

    SMT-X is the leading provider of self-service portal solutions for enterprises, helping some of the world’s most prestigious companies gain control over their request fulfillment processes. Our flagship solution, SSP6, has been engineered with the most diverse and demanding environments in mind. Maximum flexibility ensures ease of implementation, interoperability, and maintenance – giving our customers and their employees the required solutions to manage employee request fulfillment on a large scale in a centralized environment.

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