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Front Porch : Using FastPass for self-service with IBM i-series

Front Porch owns and runs retirement homes, nursing homes, care centers and senior active adult communities in California. FastPass was one of the few reset and recovery systems that work with both Windows and AS400. 

FastPass was fairly simple to get it up and running. Within within a couple of months all 1500 users were in the system. Our policy requires high access employees to have complex passwords that must be reset every 60 days. FastPass allows us to set the level of complexity based on our criteria. 

Our nurses can restore their passwords 24/7 so it’s easy for them. About 90% of our people use the FastPass reset and recovery, reducing our help desk time substantially. 

FastPass works!  The support and documentation are good. It does exactly what we need it to do. And it does it very well.

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The Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Informatics Service (S&SHIS): FastPass Enterprise with AD password self-service



The Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Informatics Service (S&SHIS) provides IT Support for around 22,000 users across over 500 sites. 

We faced long telephone support wait times and call abandon rates and found that 25% of the peak time calls were for password resets or access related queries. We wanted to reduce the demand and also offer Access Support outside of our core Hours of Service.  

After looking at a number of solutions we chose FastPass as they offered a simple solution in design and operation and the ability to work across multiple AD domains. Our users could access the password recovery from a hosted website and/or mobile Aps even without the physical domain access. All this came with a competitive price.

 It was easy to install and to train our Support Desk. It took much more effort to change our end users’ habits. But we now have about 70% of all password resets and domain account unlocks completed through the self-service portal. 

We have reduced our call abandon rates by over 55% and our average wait times by over 60% in in spite of a reduction in our overall budget. The FastPass implementation definitely contributed to this success. 

We have found FastPass support to be of high standard and their engineers are knowledgeable and reliable.  We are happy to recommend the products and service of FastPass.


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Nyrstar : FastPass Enterprise with SAP password synchronization


Nyrstar has chosen FastPass to automate and improve the processes related to users’ forgotten passwords. This has improved user satisfaction and reduced the workload in the IT HelpDesk. The number of forgotten passwords per involved user per year has dropped from 1,6 to 0,3. This is an improvement of 83%! 

The large international mining and smelting company Nyrstar (Belgium / Australia) with worldwide operations found back in 2009 that they spend too much effort in the IT department on direct user contact and interruptions from users. Nyrstar decided to launch a strategy with end-user self-service. As a first and natural step in this strategy it was decided to start with end-user self-service of passwords when users have forgotten their passwords or have had them locked. 

As most users have at least two passwords: one for Windows and one for SAP, Nyrstar decided for a model where the users would gain simplicity and speed. With automatic password synchronization from Windows to SAP the users only have to remember one password. In many cases the users actually have many SAP instances and hence many more passwords to remember. 

Nyrstar uses FastPass for the password self-service and SAP password synchronization. Hans Lauwers SAP technical

analyst: “We have worked with FastPass for nearly 6 years now, and we have reached the objective for our project. As being one of the first FastPass SAP customers we had some initial challenges. FastPassCorp delivers however very dedicated and qualified support and we have for several years been very satisfied. Recently we decided to extend FastPass to all our international users, and will then reach 5.000 users”.