Executive team

Tommy Larsen, Chairman
Tommy is CEO and Partner of Operator Systems, a software company in Manufacturing execution systems.
Before that Tommy was VP for the sale in North EMEA in Manufactoring and Distribution at Lawson software. Earlier that he held different positions in the company in general management
and sales. Before the aquisition by Lawson Software he was Country Manager at Intentia. Prior to that he held various positions in sales at Lindhard Computer Systems, Digital Corporation and Unisys. Tommy also has a number of board positions primarily in software companies and in real-estate.

Jess Julin Ibsen, Board Member
Senior Vice President, IT Operation Services NNIT A/S, a company in the NOVO-NORDISK group.
Prior to the employment with TDC, Jess spent 11 years in various senior management positions in CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), where amongst others he was Director of Managed Web Services for the EMEA and Asia Pacific Regions, was Director of Service Delivery for the SAS Group Account globally and was Director of the Infrastructure Services Division for the Nordic and Baltic countries.
Jess holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technical University Denmark and a B.Sc. in International Business from Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore he has completed Postgraduate studies at INSEAD, Cornell University and Wharton Business School.

Nicolai Platzer, Board member
Nicolai has been investor in FastPassCorp since the public listing in 2007. He is today a major shareholder.
Nicolai is cand-merc in Finance and accounting from Copenhagen Business School.
He is chairman of Dansk Finansvejledning ApS, Finansvejledning Consult-Nord ApS and memeber of the board of Choconord ApS.
Nicolai's carreer has been primarily in Finance and management in optimizing capital and investments.

Finn Jensen, Chief Executive Officer 
Finn brings wealth of business and management experience to FastPassCorp. As the CEO of several IT companies Finn has most of all brought profitable growth in different IT environments. But also to keep focusing on partner and customer relations is important to stress. Finn is in charge of general management and relations with key partners in FastPassCorp. Finn’ background covers partnering ownership of Service Providers, ERP vendors and CEO positions of international companies.
Before joining FastPassCorp, he was CEO and partner in Alpha IT – a Managed Service Provider focusing on small and medium size companies. Before that he was CEO and partner in Guidex – an ERP vendor primarily targeting midsized companies. He also carried out CEO positions at Bull Denmark and Bording Data and served as Director of System Integration at Bull Northern Europe. Finn started his career as sales manager at IBM Denmark and as Sales Director at Tandem Computer.
Finn holds a Bachelor in economics from Aarhus University.
Finn is Founder, IT Management and Leadership Forum. LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/pub/finn-jensen/3/908/542