About us

FastPassCorp is the provider of FastPass, the market leading solution for enterprise password management for enterprises and Managed Service Providers. Founded in 2000, as an IT Services company in Identity & Access Management, the company soon became one of the leading Services companies in the emerging Identity Management business. Partnering with IBM, Sun, Oracle and more, the basic idea was to provide vendor neutral consulting and implementation services.
The company engaged in large Identity Management projects, pre-studies and training. As an authorized training and support centre in Scandinavia for Access 360 and later a Training Provider for IBM on Tivoli products IT InterGroup conducted training for thousands of IT professionals from all over EMEA.
Password management has, by tradition, been bundled with and coupled with Identity Management and the Identity Product suites. And while the IdM projects tend to last years due to the complexity and widespread impact, the basic need for helping and solving the password issue is somewhat overseen by the vendors. As a consequence, in many of the projects the password capabilities was either not implemented or not used by the end-users due to the lack of functionality, ease of access etc. leaving the business case and the ROI in the projects incomplete.  Besides that a lot of companies don’t have an appetite for large IdM projects, but are very interested in getting rid of the password pain that strikes the Service Desks largely and take up resources that are better used elsewhere.
This was the interception of the idea for what we called “a simple solution to a complex problem”.
The basic idea is to utilize and take advantage of what most organizations already has in place – Microsoft Active Directory. This is by far the most widely spread user repository in the world. Active Directory holds information about users, group memberships and organizations and even password policies are already in place. By adding a self-service front-end to the Active Directory, companies are be able to profit from past investments in Microsoft infrastructure and further release the potential in the server infrastructure.
Since 2005 FastPassCorp has provided the FastPass solution and is now shipping in Version 3. Version 1 with no syncronization to other target systems and Version 2 built on COM and a tight dependancy on local install and dependancy on the domain controller environment.
When FastPass started to gain attraction in larger environments it became clear that a scalable and modern architecture would be needed. The development of FastPass V3 was started in Q1 2007 and is designed to support the needs in Enterprises and Managed Service Provider environments.
This transition and the growing need to support the market lead to an IPO that was completed in september 2007. To fully support the strategy as a software vendor the services division was sold on to PriceWaterHouseCoopers in june 2008, so that FastPassCorp is now a software vendor fully committed to enabling and supporting the partners in different areas of the market. 
FastPass is now available in three different versions: Entry for Microsoft environments, Enterprise for customers with multiple passwords and advanced requirements, and the Managed Service Provider Version for multiple customers and tenants.
FastPassCorp primarily sells and supports FastPass through strong partners in various countries. Partnerships are based on Value Added Resellers, OEM agreements and Managed Service Providers. All models help bring FastPass out to an increasing number of end-users around the world.
FastPass is positioned for as well the traditional on-premise market as well on the coming cloud based architecture.